The FlexiGrid project has successfully demonstrated the potential of IoT in enabling a centralised energy market.

The project’s Task 6.3, led by experts from Chalmers University of Technology and RISE, aimed to improve the design of two markets and demonstrate them in real-life using a local IoT platform. The project team showcased the interaction between grid operators, market operators, retailers, customers, and flexibility service providers (FSPs) in a centralised energy market. They also compared local energy and flexibility markets using a common platform that facilitated comparison. The report below provides an overview of the testbed, measurement system and controllable devices used in the demonstration. It also elaborates on the object-oriented programming platform used for comparing the two market models. The successful demonstration of a centralised energy market using IoT has significant implications for future distribution grids with high penetration of variable renewable generation. It can enable better management of energy demand and supply while reducing carbon emissions.

Read the report here

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