Demo Area 3

P2P market platform, with smart contract and smart billing based on block-chain technology

This demo, Demo Area 3, will test a prototype, developed by EMAX, for the DSO flexibility market with blockchain-based, smart contract and smart billing.

This will be achieved by:

  1. Setting-up technical requirements and flexibility market arrangements for each test case
  2. Enhancing a prototype for flexibility market with blockchain-based, smart contract and smart billing
  3. Demonstrating DSO procurement for flexibility at different demo sites
  4. Validation of the demonstration

OEDAS, Turkey:
In this demo site, OEDAS will be focusing on demonstrating flexibility while providing electricity grid services using local energy storage, EV, IOT, and market mechanism. The demonstration includes defined test scenarios system monitoring.

ENERGO-PRO, Bulgaria:
As part of the FlexiGrid project, Energo-Pro’s aim is to test and validate the concept of smart gird flexibility by demonstrating a DSO-consumer flexibility market platform. In its final form, the Demo case will allow the DSO to procure flexibility services from consumers and producers with the goal to manage DSO grid stability. The DSO flexibility platform will consist of:  

  • IoT-enabled information systems to secure information flow in real-time regarding customer status and performance at the interconnection point/measurement.
  • Blockchain-based flexibility market platform that would enable DSO to identify needs and participants to place bids on services related to these needs, after which the system will automatically clear the tender (select the best deal) and the transaction would be recorded via smart contract. All of this would be recorded in the blockchain so the delivery track would be available at any time.

The current stage of development is:

  • Clarifying the business environment, energy sector trends, and future scenarios, barriers and challenges for the DSO till 2035
  • Progressing with the Business case definition
  • Technical requirements clarification and system development soon expected to be started


Demo Area 1

Grid monitoring, control and flexibility intervention.

Demo Area 2

Local energy market: exchange of energy / grid services

Demo Area 4

Flexibility measures and electricity grid services provided by local energy storage, P2G and EVs and distributed RES.

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under grant agreement No 864048.

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