Demo Area 2

Local energy market: exchange of energy / grid services

This demo, Demo Area 2, will test a local centralized market approach that will facilitate both energy and grid services trade, with the IoT platform support. Grid operator interaction with the market, as well as the seamless transition between energy and grid services markets will be investigated.

This will be achieved by:

  1. Specifying technical requirements and configurating the demonstration plan.
  2. Preparing the demonstration site for the tests and simultaneously integrating the IoT platform.
  3. Demonstrating a pricing mechanism that encourages self-consumption.
  4. Demonstrating grid’s adaptation to market signals.
  5. Evaluating demonstration results.

Demo Area 1

Grid monitoring, control and flexibility intervention.

Demo Area 3

P2P market platform, with smart contract and smart billing based on block-chain technology.

Demo Area 4

Flexibility measures and electricity grid services provided by local energy storage, P2G and EVs and distributed RES.

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