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Enabling flexibility
in future power grids​

Flexigrid is an innovation project funded by EU´s largest research and innovation program Horizon 2020.

The project will create an enabling architecture for small and medium Distribution System Operators (DSOs)  to unlock flexibility resources. Through a cross sectoral integration and optimizing of resources, especially those existing in the coupling between different energy vectors, as well as demand response using charging schemes of electric vehicles (EVs) or storage, DSOs will be able to meet the forthcoming capacity shortage with flexibility and updating old systems with smart technology.

In Flexigrid organizations from all over Europe cooperate to leverage digital and smart grid technologies at the grid edges. The project will deliver IoT platforms, peer-to-peer and peer-to-pool marketplaces, vehicles-to-grid, power-to-heat and power-to-gas solutions, as well as innovative business models.

Flexigrid will equip DSOs with advanced tools to enhance observability and controllability of distribution networks, while demonstrating both pool-based and peer-to-peer market mechanisms. From these market implementations further development will demonstrate a flexible DSO-Customers coordination platform for efficient real-time trading of energy and grid services between market actors.

Work packages

WP1 – Project management

WP2 – Grid services and market designs, regulations and business models

WP3 – Integrated process for observability, flexibility determination and dispatch

WP4 – Cross-functional platform integration and communication platform

WP5 – Demonstration of grid monitoring, control and flexibility intervention

WP6 – Demonstration of a local energy market for exchange of energy and grid services

WP7 – Demonstration of P2P energy transactions based on blockchain technology

WP8 – Demonstration of flexibility measures and electricity grid services provided by local energy storage and EVs

WP9 – Barriers to innovation, exploitation and deployment, financial instruments

WP10 – Communciation, engagement and dissemination

WP11 – Ethics requirements

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