Demo Area 4

Flexibility measures and electricity grid services provided by local energy storage, P2G and EVs and distributed RES

This demo, Demo Area 4, focuses on grid services provided by local energy resources including V2G, P2G, battery storage and EV Charger.

  1. Setting-up technical requirements and flexibility market arrangements for this case.
  2. Enhancing resilience of network with Energy Storage, Mobile Application, EV, V2G, P2G.
  3. Demonstrating DSO application for flexibility at specified area.
  4. Validation of the demonstration

OEDAS, Turkey:
Demo 4 in Turkey will demonstrate flexibility measures and electricity grid services provided by battery storage and electric vehiclesThe demonstration will also be focused on SCADA control capability with IoT and market structure, like enhancing the renewable integration by coordinating energy uses and local renewable energy production while improving the grid resilience. Therefore the real time control of integrated equipment’s will be demonstrated.

System response speed within the EV Charger platform, management for smart billing systems for EV users, measurement of automation and accuracy level. Demand Side Management will also be demonstrated; EV drivers will be steered to most suitable EVSE location in order to make grid resilience, with market mechanisms taken into account. Vehicle-to-grid, V2G, will also be demonstrated.

Demo Area 1

Grid monitoring, control and flexibility intervention.

Demo Area 2

Local energy market: exchange of energy / grid services

Demo Area 3

P2P market platform, with smart contract and smart billing based on block-chain technology.

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under grant agreement No 864048.

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