Flexible assets such as Local Energy Storage, Heat Pumps, P2G and EVs Show Great Potential for Grid Services. As part of FlexiGrid project, Turkish DSO OEDAS and HES-SO, the University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Western Switzerland, have demonstrated flexibility measures and electricity grid services provided by these flexible assets with different scenarios.

Deliverable 8.3, Demonstration of Flexibility Measures and Grid Services, includes the demonstration activities carried out at the Turkish and Swiss pilot sites with pre-defined test cases and highlights the potential for assets such as local energy storage, heat pumps, P2G and EVs to provide valuable grid services. It also emphasizes the importance of developing an effective communication architecture between flexible assets, energy management and IoT tools and includes general information about the communication protocols used to provide a connection between flexible assets and platforms.

The FlexiGrid project is an important step towards enabling a more flexible and sustainable energy system. By leveraging local resources such as energy storage, heat pumps and EVs, distribution grids can become more resilient to fluctuations in renewable generation while also providing valuable grid services.

Conclusion of the report

The FlexiGrid project’s deliverable Demonstration of Flexibility Measures and Grid Services has shown that flexible loads and distributed energy resources have great potential for providing valuable grid services. With the demonstration studies conducted at the Turkish pilot site, it was shown that possible grid congestion problems at the distribution transformer level can be solved through coordination between the DSO and the end user/FSP by activating demand side participation. In Switzerland, with the validation of proper control and monitoring of flexible assets, flexibility for balancing purposes has been provided to the local DSO OIKEN using the different assets of the Energypolis campus.

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