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Energo-Pro, one of the three biggest DSOs in Bulgaria, will be choosing around 20 participants producers, prosumers and consumers, connected to its network . Each of them will have a smart meter installed (developed and provided by Entra Energy) on their switchboard which will track and monitor their production/consumption.

The gathered data will be then visualized on the IoT platform and when needed, flexibility services will be procured from a blockchain, trading platform that through energy shift, peak shaving, load adjustment/reduction and self-curtailment would enable DSOs to avoid congestion and balance the physical grid.

A typical flexibility service procurement deal would look like this:

1) Energo-Pro (or any DSO that uses the system) identifies the need for a flexibility service –  ex. Increasing 0.5MW consumption on 12th of December in node ”X” for 30 minutes staring 12:00

2) Energo-Pro (or any DSO that uses the system) posts a request/list of requests (through xls file) for flexibility services on eFlex platform

3) FSPs submit their offers after seeing DSO request or have in advance submitted offer/offers

4) Energo-Pro (or any DSO that uses the system) manually or by clicking “best match” decides on which flexibility service or group of services to procure from

5) FSP receives reservation/confirmation and on the promised time, after receiving from DSO activation request for the reserved asset, activates the flexibility service

6) The IoT platform tracks data and confirms (full or partial) delivery

7) The eFlex platform records the transaction with smart contract on blockchain

8) The platform executes the payment (if blockchain stable coin is used) or exchanges/sends info to another billing/payment system

The demo case is currently in preparation phase and real testing should start around the middle of this year. For more information on how the demo case is going, please follow the project on our social media accounts and stay tuned for the latest news…

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