How to forecast energy surplus and congestions and how to manage it, was the name of this webinar where FlexiGrid collaborated with the Horizon 2020 project BD4OPEM. In it we discuss the different tools that our projects are developing to be able to forecast congestions and surplus in the grid.

Smart grids will let DSOs manage the balance of the power grid through flexibility services, but to know which measures to make, one needs to know what will happen in the future, to be able to purchase the right flexibility at the right time. In this webinar the Horizon 2020 projects FlexiGrid and BD4OPEM collaborate and present their findings regarding congestion forecasting. The target audience is mainly DSOs, and DSO associations, and also flexibility providers.

4:46 Introduction on why congestion forecasting tools are relevant by Henrik Forsgren, representing Göteborg Energi, Swedish DSO and FlexiGrid-partner

14:50 Presentation by David Steen and Maryam Mohiti Ardakani, Chalmers University of Technology, FlexiGrid-partner.

31:00 Presentation by Sara Barja Martínez and Arthur Rene Pierre Francois Pasquet, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, BD4OPEM-partner.

47:00 Panel discussion

Read the presentations here

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