Entra Energy is a renewable energy company with an R&D leg and a strive and focus to be an active player in transforming the energy sector for good.

“We own, develop, invest and operate wind, hydro and photovoltaic renewable energy projects across Bulgaria; co-own a smart lightening solution company and are doing research and development of products and solutions in the fields of smart energy grid and energy efficiency”, says CEO Teodor Bobochikov.

As part of our R&D activities we are participating in Pan-European research and innovation projects such as FlexiGrid (under Horizon 2020 EU program) and Smart5Grid (under Horizon 2020 EU program).

“Participation in such projects provides us with a great opportunity to dive deeper in the energy sector’s key transition objectives such us: more renewable and distributed generation; more flexibility and innovation; smarter grid management and all this we do in close cooperation with distinguished partners coming from different domains (science, research, technical and business) form all around Europe and across the world”, says Teodor Bobochikov..

Being part of the force driving change and possibly developing key solutions for enhancing and optimizing the energy sector transformation is greatly aligned with Entra Energy’s objectives and thus another huge benefit and driver in participating and delivering on H2020 research programs, FlexiGrid being no exception.

FlexiGrid for all intent and purposes serves as a platform for sharing experience and ideas, mixing know-how and creating both new solutions and services as well as new ideas for the digitalization, democratization and transformation of the energy sector. “Entra Energy is proud to be part of the project and we are delighted to be able to contribute towards its successful implementation”, says Teodor Bobochikov.

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