FlexiGrid is coordinated and managed by the Swedish innovation company IMCG. The effort means a multi-million investment for the company.  The project develops and demonstrates full scale flexibility markets and solutions.
“Flexible energy solutions are on the rise, and our customers in the energy and real estate industry see a future sustainable business opportunity”, says Magnus Andersson, co-owner, IMCG and one of the designers of FlexiGrid.

Energy companies need new technology and new business models to avoid massive investments in grid capacity, to be prepared for the coming wave of industrial and transport electrification. Simultaneously they need to face the challenge of shifting access to solar and wind power.


IMCG makes its largest investment ever through FlexiGrid. In the project IMCG together with project partners develop many of the flexibility solutions the power grids need, like flexible energy markets including services and IT-platform.

“IMCG builds the competence that will make the transition smooth for the energy companies”, says Magnus Andersson.

A changing market
FlexiGrid means a unique opportunity for IMCG to work with and develop the flexibility business for the main actors in the business chain in a changing market. Here the business models and business logic are tested to drive flexible markets. IMCG also develops the financial solutions needed to enable the investment, creates models for innovation management, how the transition will be executed, and also solution for change communication and acceptance.

“IMCG is all about impact and a sustainable transition. The power grids are key in the energy transition to electricity. That is why we focus on methods for creating the right conditions for flexible solutions to be put into reality and be rolled out on the market”, says CEO Jonas Norrman.

Participating in EU-projects like FlexiGrid, UNITED-GRID and Iris Smart Cities helps IMCG in building competence continuously to be able to give energy companies and real estate businesses and their customers very good preconditions to manage the energy transition by rolling out flexibility and meet coming demands of capacity while maintaining high quality and good finances.

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