FlexiGrid’s flexibility step-by-step guide for distribution system operators (DSOs) is now available. The project partner RISE has just finished a report that will help DSOs explore options for integrating flexibility into their grid operations.

Wenche Tobiasson, RISE

“We pulled together some of the key lessons learnt over four years of the FlexiGrid project,” says Wenche Tobiasson, researcher at RISE, who led the guide’s development. “The goal was to make the knowledge easily accessible for DSOs just starting their flexibility journeys.”

The guide is targeted at DSOs that are about to take the first steps towards utilising flexibility in their networks, focusing on market-based approaches for procurement. The step-by-step guide can be used as a starting point for these DSOs.

Ying Yang, RISE

Ying Yang. Photo: RISE

The regulatory and legal aspects governing local flexibility markets is developing at a rapid pace. “Some countries, for example Sweden, has already introduced regulatory measures to incentivise DSOs to consider flexibility in local network operation. This guide can be of great help for DSOs to take the first step towards more efficient operation, allowing increased deployment of small-scale renewable generation”, says Ying Yang, researcher at RISE.

The DSOs that have been participating in FlexiGrid have all contributed to the guide by sharing experiences from the journey towards flexibility that they have been on in the project.

“DSOs of FlexiGrid have come so far in these four years. They are ahead of the game. One of the project partner DSOs is already running a flexibility market pilot within their local network, which is fantastic and an achievement that has exceeded our expectations”, says Wenche Tobiasson.

The report is now available and of course RISE are always open to questions.

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