Can local flexibility markets solve the future challenges in distribution grids? That is the theme of the latest webinar from FlexiGrid. Listen to FlexiGrid experts from Chalmers University of Technology and peer-to-peer energy platform company EMAX. 

This webinar provides insights into whether there are any other solutions to the future challenges of distribution grids besides local flexibility markets, and what can be the potential solutions to the most common challenges in the design of local flexibility markets if they are to be utilized for addressing the grid challenges. We take a step backwards to discuss shortly the definition of flexibility in different contexts and different solutions that can activate flexibility. The suitable market design properties are discussed and FlexiGrid’s flexibility markets are presented addressing the most common design challenges for such markets. The addressed challenges are, among others:

  • Low market liquidity,
  • Reliability concerns and security of supply/demand for flexibility,
  • Challenges regarding defining baselines and validating the delivery of baseline-based flexibility products,
  • Forecast errors due to low aggregation levels, and
  • The high costs concerning the need for extra measurements and ICT and IoT infrastructure

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