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New step-by-step guide for DSOs to Grid Flexibility

New step-by-step guide for DSOs to Grid Flexibility

FlexiGrid unveils a comprehensive guide for DSOs looking to integrate flexibility into their grid operations. Drawing from four years of experience, the guide, developed in partnership with RISE, sheds light on market-based approaches and emerging regulatory frameworks.

FlexiGrid’s financial roadmap

FlexiGrid’s financial roadmap

FlexiGrid’s Financial Roadmap has been a game-changer, assisting organizations in procuring crucial EU funding. Collaborating with partners like Spinverse, this tool not only sources funds but offers a comprehensive approach to understanding and strategizing for the dynamic energy sector.

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Flexibility and retail market options

The Flexigrid project will create an enabling architecture for small and medium distribution system operators (DSOs) to unlock flexibility resources. DSOs will be able to meet the forthcoming capacity shortage with flexibility and updating old systems with smart technology.

Flexigrid is an innovation project funded by EU´s largest research
and innovation program Horizon 2020.


Find out the latest from the smart power grid project

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Flexigrid has built a great partnership. In the consortium there are 15 partners. Learn more about them here.

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Flexigrid have four Demo Areas  in Sweden, Switzerland, Bulgaria an Turkey.  They are presented here.

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